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The Most Extraordinary War Footage Ever Caught on Film

Breathtaking in Scope! Bone Chilling in Visual Detail!

20 Episodes on 4 DVDs - Plus a FREE BONUS DVD! - Only £39.95 + p&h

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Two of the Greates WWII Documentaries of All Time!

20 Full Episodes reveal the epic struggle for victory from the crucial turning points in both theatres of war.

  • Two of the greatest WWII documentaries of all time brought together for the first time - CRUSADE IN EUROPE & CRUSADE IN THE PACIFIC
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  • Available for the first time on DVD!
  • The definitive account of WWII – as seen through the eyes of the men who fought it

Crusade WWII Point of no return logo

Exclusive Bonus DVD: Captured Nazi Film!

Get on board a Nazi U-Boat...Witness the sinking of the Scharnhorst.... Chart the development of the Nazi War Machine...See the first allied attempt to invade Nazi-occupied France....All from the Enemy point of view!

  • Rare captured enemy footage - much uncut and never before issued
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Crusade in Europe Series Overview - Gen. Eisenhower

Action-packed and breathtaking in scope. Emmy Award winning. Peabody Award winning. Crusade in Europe vividly portrays every major aspect of the conflict in Europe. With the best-selling memoirs of General Dwight D. Eisenhower's as the backdrop, the series depicts the struggle for power on the continent, the men who waged it and the strategies they employed to win it.

It features the leaders, the field generals, and the front-line soldiers who carried out their battle plans in the trenches and in the skies over North Africa, Italy, France and Germany. All appear as they really were in this epic struggle for world dominance. From the rise of Nazism, to the major battles that led to the Allies victory and the Nazi surrender at Reims, Crusade in Europe captures in brilliant detail one of the most dramatic and explosive periods in our planet’s history.

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Crusade in the Pacific Series Overview - Gen. MacArthur

Crusade in the Pacific is one of the finest documentaries ever assembled. This remarkable 26-part series brings to life the land and sea battles of World War II, from the bombing of Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. We see the rise of the Japanese Empire and its attempts to dominate the world, and America’s shift from nation at peace to one completely geared to winning a war.

In addition, Crusade in the Pacific examines the conflicts of the region both prior to combat and in the post-war years – in China, Korea and Vietnam – that would haunt the world for generations to come. Featured in rare footage are the men who will live forever in the pages of history: Hirohito addressing his troops. MacArthur giving his “Old Soldiers Never Die” speech. Gandhi seated at his spinning wheel. Far more than simply a history lesson. Crusade in the Pacific offers a dramatic and ever fascinating look at what was…and what was to be.